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Kenny Solis

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We are excited to announce Kenny Solis is our newest addition to our facilitator team! Kenny will be leading our partner groups.

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Kenny is a proud partner and father of a 7 month old daughter. To partner groups, he brings his experience as a hospital chaplain, where he supports people going through health challenges by helping them with their emotional and spiritual journeys that intersect these life events. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and looks forward to sharing, learning, and growing with the Soulside community.
Kenny Solis

Gems from last week

Think of something you learned or did for the first time or did for yourself that you are proud of. (Hint: this does not have to be big)

Why It Matters
  • In this time of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting you are doing new things all the time that are often exciting and challenging.
  • Reaching back to moments of pride can remind you of other parts of yourself when things are bumpy or hard, and can also remind you of other skills you bring to the table and can lean on.
  • After all, everyone brings their own special sauce to this journey--and you have yours, which is part of what makes each path exciting and unique.
Some Examples
Reflection and Self-Discovery
I moved across the country without knowing anyone, conquered my fear of public speaking. My friends all get together because I brought us together.
Determination and Inspiration
I took up a journaling practice, learned to cook. I went to the dentist after years of avoiding it (Hey this can be a big deal).

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