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Kenny Solis

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We are excited to announce Kenny Solis is our newest addition to our facilitator team! Kenny will be leading our partner groups.

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Kenny is a proud partner and father of a 7 month old daughter. To partner groups, he brings his experience as a hospital chaplain, where he supports people going through health challenges by helping them with their emotional and spiritual journeys that intersect these life events. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and looks forward to sharing, learning, and growing with the Soulside community.
Kenny Solis

Gems from last week

What is a friendship to you?

Why It Matters
  • We know that friendships are a huge part of happiness, and as we get older, and busier it can feel harder to make new friends. Friends can be the glue that helps you through pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting.
  • Perhaps the strongest predictor of whether you are a happy person overall with your life is the quality of your relationships-- that includes family, romantic relationships, and friendships. Taking a few minutes to think about what that looks like, can help support your ongoing friendships, or is the first step to forming new ones.
  • Have you heard of friends for a season, friends for a reason, or friends for life? Friendships can come in lots of different flavors, and not all have to be forever friends-- sometimes we are friends because we live near each other (think neighbors=friends for a reason), or friends over a life event (hello parenting!), and then there are lifelong friendships.
Some Examples
Gratitude and Appreciation
Spending time together hanging out doing all the things, being comfortable having your friend come over even when you haven't slept well or being able to reach out to laugh with you over how crazy your day was.
Friendship and Connection
Knowing your friend will understand when you are worried about your ultra-sound or will hang with you even when you are nauseous and can't stay out late. Knowing your friend will be honest with you about the joys and challenges of postpartum.

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