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Let's talk about your emotional health

Pregnancy can be stressful, isolating, and overwhelming, with changes to your body and mind all at once. We get that.


Meet your small group of expectant moms who are on a similar journey as you. Expert-led weekly sessions designed to reduce stress, lower risk of depression and anxiety, and equip you for a healthier, happier pregnancy. 


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If you're here, you're not alone.

Find support, connection, and honest advice in group

Weekly group sessions

Meet your hand-picked group of expectant moms for 60-min sessions. Get below the surface on your emotions, and find focused support for your pregnancy.

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24/7 chat for real time advice

Get honest advice on the practical stuff - your group stays with you for every question that Google can't answer. Sharing joys, fears, insights, and anxieties, as you navigate this transition. 

Facilitated by a prenatal expert  

Groups led by licensed nurse-midwives and perinatal specialists, experienced with running pregnancy groups at leading institutions. We hand-pick the best (<3% acceptance).

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No forced smiling or false compliments needed. 

Show up as you are. 


Your emotional health is as important as your prenatal vitamins.


"Exactly what I was looking for"

Soulside was exactly what I was looking for, and I've recommended it to every pregnant person/person who is trying. Attending sessions with other women in pregnancy with thoughtful prompts has helped me navigate this new change, and feel comforted in how much is normal - we're all in it together!. I can't believe Soulside is new - this should have existed for years - and I feel bad for every person who hasn't been able to use it!

Kirsty C (Seattle, WA)

2nd Trimester

"Has really eased my depression"


Being able to talk to other women who are going through the same thing as me, has really eased my depression and overall feelings of being overwhelmed with all the new things happening to my body. I appreciate that they match you up with ladies as close to the same situation as me, a first-time mom, so I can really feel heard and understood. As soon as I heard one of my friends was pregnant I immediately recommended Soulside! 

Rachel M. (Dallas, OR)

3rd Trimester

"I feel more normal, less isolated, and really grounded."

After Soulside, I feel more normal, less isolated, and really grounded. I also really like meeting women who are slightly ahead of me in the pregnancy journey and getting their wisdoms.

Annie B. (Pittsburg, CA)

1st Trimester

What Soulside members are saying

We care, because we've been there

Soulside is building the first specialized support system for pregnant people and new parents, putting their emotional well-being at the center of the perinatal conversation.

Our team brings together decades of expertise in midwifery, psychology, and community building. We have lived experience with perinatal and fertility challenges, and understand the isolation and emotional strain they can bring. Soulside is the safe, secure, and meaningful space we wish we had for our journeys. We want to make this support accessible and affordable.

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Surabhi Bhandari

Co-founder & CEO

Women's health innovator

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Meg Bower

Co-founder & Clinical Lead


15+ years experience in care delivery

Embrace your Journey 
Join our community of women who keep it real


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