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Kenny Solis

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We are excited to announce Kenny Solis is our newest addition to our facilitator team! Kenny will be leading our partner groups.

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Kenny is a proud partner and father of a 7 month old daughter. To partner groups, he brings his experience as a hospital chaplain, where he supports people going through health challenges by helping them with their emotional and spiritual journeys that intersect these life events. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and looks forward to sharing, learning, and growing with the Soulside community.
Kenny Solis

Gems from last week

If you could change or “fix” one thing right now that is going on for you, what would it be?

Why It Matters
  • In life, and especially in pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting there are lots of daily challenges- many of them are new, and almost all of them are changing all of the time.
  • Naming and saying your current challenge out loud can sometimes be the thing to help you find a solution, or help you unlock what the “hard” part is.
  • Bringing your hurdle to the group offers the next level benefit of the perspective of those who are going through it too. Not all challenges are immediately solvable, sometimes just talking about what is going on can help shift your lens and make a difference.
Some Examples
Confusion and Uncertainty
My partner and I disagree on when to tell family and friends we are pregnant or disagree on where the baby should sleep
Anxiety and Stress
My job, my job, my job, how do I balance work with my growing family? I don’t know how to kindly say no to everyone who wants to be at the birth. I can’t find out how to get some “me time” without feeling like I’m taking away from family time

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Location Eligibility

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