Mental health support for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Find personalized 1:1 support and guidance with specialized perinatal clinicians at Soulside, and set yourself up for a healthier and happier journey

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Benefits from 1:1 Specialist Consultations

Personalized Video Sessions
Receive tailored emotional support to manage the unique stresses and anxieties of pregnancy and postpartum for a more balanced and empowered journey.
Coping Tools and Strategies
Learn effective techniques to address your toughest emotions, improve your mindset, and get guidance through sustainable behaviour change
Expert Support for Preparedness
Find expert support and a supportive partnership to feel prepared and confident for childbirth and the early days of parenting.
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Meet our clinician facilitators

Perinatal informed trained clinicians who get pregnancy, motherhood, mental health, and all the ups and downs that come with this journey.

Laura Todaro (RN, MSN, ICBLC)

Laura is a Nurse Midwife, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist, childbirth educator, and new parent group facilitator. She believes it is essential to support the mental health of expectant moms during this transformative time.

Aimee Tom

Aimée is an RN, certified nurse midwife, mother, and childbirth educator. She loves the intimacy created when deep connections are formed, and believes that birthing people have better experiences and outcomes in strong, supportive community.

Sasha Watts

Sasha is a certified nurse-midwife. She is passionate about caring for the mental health of childbearing folks and enjoys bringing transparency, humility, and levity to groups to find the human connection in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Molly Mekjavich

Molly is a Nurse Midwife, group prenatal care specialist, and a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She strives to unlock the growth that comes when people share deeply, listen and support one another non-judgmentally in the group space.

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What moms are saying

"Wish I'd found this sooner"

Motherhood is a huge identity shift without any training. It involves physical, mental, and emotional changes. Sasha and the group have been a lifesaver for me.

Sophie K.

Los Angeles, CA
Joined at 11 weeks pregnant

"I now know I will make it through"

I joined at 6 weeks pregnant and am now 7 months postpartum. I could not have imagined this journey without the constant support of the group. After a session, I’m able to handle the next week with a sound mind and heart

Carli S.

San Diego, CA
Joined at 6 weeks pregnant

"I feel less isolated and more in control"

When I found Soulside, I was finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. It’s easier to talk to others who get it without using a thousand words. I look forward to my session all week.

Megan P.

New York City
Joined at 4 weeks postpartum

"More moms should talk about it"

I spend every Sunday afternoon preparing for the prompt after they send it. it speaks to the exact emotions I’m having then and I talk to my partner and sister about it. The group and Meg helped.

Denise B.

Dallas, TX
Joined at 7 weeks postpartum

"Exactly what I was looking for"

I have been with them for almost a year now and it’s been a tremendous help for me. I made valuable connections with other moms, and I always felt heard and supported by my amazing facilitator, Laura. I have and will continue to recommend Soulside to all of my mom-to-be friends!

Julia R.

Miami, FL
Joined at 16 weeks pregnant

"Has really eased my depression"

I have shouted Soulside from the rooftops to every single mom I know. The work you’re doing is so incredibly important and came to me at a time when I needed it the most. If there's a mission to believe in, it's Soulside's. Improving mom's mental health and building a motherhood community? The dream!

Elizabeth B.

Boston, MA
Joined at 4 weeks postpartum

"Has really eased my depression"

I can't express how much Soulside has meant to me. Laura is an amazing facilitator who understands what I'm going through. Being able to connect with her from the comfort of my own home has been a true blessing. The weekly sessions are a highlight of my week.

Erika C.

Pittsburgh, PA
Joined at 22 weeks pregnant

"Has really eased my depression"

The time, effort, and commitment Soulside has invested in my journey have proven to be invaluable. Every bit of it has been so worth it, and I'm incredibly grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life.

Taylor M.

Dallas, TX
Joined Soulside at 5 months postpartum
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