Postpartum Group with Sasha Watts

Early parenthood can feel like a LOT, we hear the words 'exhausting, overwhelming, and vulnerable' often in our sessions. Join your trible of new moms in sessions led by a postpartum specialist. Designed to lower the risk of depression and navigate the social, emotional and biological changes better.

Sasha Watts

About This Group

A curated group of 6-8 expectant or new moms matched for you. Get below the surface on your emotions, and together, regain your sense of self and footing in this new role.

Your Facilitator

Sasha Watts (she/her) is a certified nurse-midwife (CNM) and has many years of experience of facilitating groups focused on maternal mental health. Prior to midwifery, she was a labor and delivery and postpartum nurse, during that time she facilitated childbirth education courses for pregnant families. She facilitated several group prenatal care sessions from first trimester to postpartum. The model implemented was March of Dimes where she focused on whole person health, specifically caring for the pregnant person's mental and emotional health. She is passionate about caring for mental health for childbearing folks and enjoys bringing transparency, humility and levity to groups to find the human connection in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
Sasha Watts

Gems from last week

What are the things that make you feel love? What comes easily?

Why It Matters
  • There are many types of love, and in English, we have one word to cover it all. It could be romantic, family, friend, universal, or self-love.
  • Regardless of what type of love it is, we all have ways that we feel love more easily. Paying attention to what love you receive easily can allow you to savor it more and can be something to talk about with your partner, friend, or family.
  • You could even think about it for yourself. It is also something that you might want to practice as you are growing and expanding your family.
Some Examples
Words of affection
Talking to my pregnant belly feels like love or when my partner puts the baby to sleep that feels like love. When my mom tells me I am doing a good job and I don’t feel like I am, that feels like love.
Acts of support
Getting the nursery ready, making healthy food, feel good. When my bff brings over food I feel loved.
Physical touch
Foot rubs and back rubs go a long way in pregnancy and postpartum.

Location Eligibility

All States

Location Eligibility

All States

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