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Yes it takes a village,
and the load is lighter when it's shared

Early parenthood can often feel overwhelming and frankly, exhausting. We get that.  

Join small groups of new moms in live support sessions, guided by a postpartum specialist. Designed to lower risk of depression & anxiety, and together navigate the big emotional, social, and biological changes of parenting.


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Hands Up

Find support, advice, and connection with your tribe of new moms

Can you spend 60-mins a week on yourself?

Weekly group sessions 

Meet 6 other new moms who truly get you. Get below the surface and process your real emotions, in your safe space. 

Facilitated by a postpartum specialist  

Groups are led by licensed nurse-midwives, experienced with running postpartum groups at leading institutions. We hand-pick the best. (<3% acceptance).

24/7 text access 

Your group & facilitator stay with you through the week, for sharing joys, fears, everyday questions, or anxieties, as you navigate this transition. 

"My anxiety levels are so much better"

This group is like an online hug. I've come to really rely on the weekly sessions. Groups are designed to help me reflect, take stock, and process all my BIG emotions. My anxiety levels are so much better since I started.

Alexa M.

"This community has been priceless."

In all this chaos, this is the place I trust, and where I've found comfort, perspective, and friends. These days I'm texting everyday with my group, they're reliable and so supportive. .

Michelle K.

"Why didn't this already exist?"

This group motivates me to keep going. It's been a tough time. This is my weekly therapy but designed specifically for parents, and I can do this every week! It's liberating to share honestly with someone who understands. 

Lisa D.

What Soulside moms are saying

Mother and Newborn

Your one support system, that's always got your back


Group support for new moms, designed by postpartum experts

Group members matched for shared experience

Facilitated by  postpartum experts for guidance and practical advice

Evidence-based methods for a healthier, happier postpartum


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