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Let's talk about your emotional health

Hello, Expectant and New Moms!

Pregnancy and early parenthood can be overwhelming, with changes to your body and mind, all at once. We get that. 

Find ongoing support with others on the same journey, guided by a nurse midwife. Designed to lower risks of depression & anxiety.  

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Meet your group facilitators

Soulside pregnancy and postpartum groups are led by highly experienced facilitators who are licensed nurse-midwives, and are hand-picked for their expertise in leading pregnancy and postpartum groups. They bring passion for community and perinatal mental health, and creating deep, authentic connections in their groups. 

Laura Todaro

Laura is an RN, Nurse Midwife, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist, childbirth educator and new parent group facilitator. She believes it is essential to support the mental health of expectant moms during this transformative time.

Molly Mekjavich

Molly is a Nurse Midwife, group prenatal care specialist, and a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She strives to unlock the growth that comes when people share deeply, listen and support one another non-judgmentally in the group space.

Megan Bower

Meg is a co-founder at Soulside, RN, Nurse Midwife, MPH (with a focus on perinatal mental health), manager at a Maternal Fetal Medicine practice,  and a pregnancy coach. She's also a parent and believes in the power of authentic human connection. 


Aimee Tom

Aimée is an RN, certified nurse midwife, mother, and childbirth educator. She loves the intimacy created when deep connections are formed, and believes that birthing people have better experiences and outcomes in strong, supportive community.

Sasha Watts

Sasha is a certified nurse-midwife. She is passionate about caring for the mental health of childbearing folks and enjoys bringing transparency, humility, and levity to groups to find the human connection in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

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