56% women struggle with their mental health in the perinatal period

We're here to help. Soulside is the first evidence-based support system that's designed to help you have a healthier and happier pregnancy & postpartum journey.

Evidence-based methods for targeted support

Sessions are based on research in group psychology, psychiatry, and community. They're built to be a space for deep, authentic connection, where you're able to be YOU.

Get below the surface on your emotional journey. Answer the 'Why'. Find your anchor, and develop skills to cope, thrive and find meaning in your transformative journey.

In group, find others who get it, and an expert who's seen it before.

How are you really doing?

People ask you all the time “how are you?” and the standard answer is “I’m fine”. At Soulside, we want you to answer this question as if the person asking really wants to know your honest answer. Because we do.

Just naming our emotions, helps us better understand them.

As we try this each session, we improve our ability to describe our emotions. Awareness is the first step in allowing and moving through emotions.

Your one support system, that's always got your back

Meet our team
Surabhi Bhandari
Co-Founder & CEO
Meg Bower
Co-founder & Clinical Director
Anurag Verma
Co-Founder & CTO
Our Facilitators

Soulside groups are led by experienced facilitators who are licensed practitioners and are hand-picked for their expertise in leading pregnancy and postpartum groups.

Megan Bower
Meg is a co-founder at Soulside, RN, Nurse Midwife, MPH (with a focus on perinatal mental health), manager at a Maternal Fetal Medicine practice, and a pregnancy coach. She's also a parent and believes in the power of authentic human connection.
Laura Todaro
Laura is an RN, Nurse Midwife, Perinatal Mental Health Specialist, childbirth educator and new parent group facilitator. She believes it is essential to support the mental health of expectant moms during this transformative time.
Molly Mekjavich
Molly is a Nurse Midwife, group prenatal care specialist, and a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She strives to unlock the growth that comes when people share deeply, listen and support one another non-judgmentally in the group space.
Aimee Tom
Aimée is an RN, certified nurse midwife, mother, and childbirth educator. She loves the intimacy created when deep connections are formed, and believes that birthing people have better experiences and outcomes in strong, supportive community.
Sasha Watts
Sasha is a certified nurse-midwife. She is passionate about caring for the mental health of childbearing folks and enjoys bringing transparency, humility, and levity to groups to find the human connection in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.